PearPC Nightly Builds

This page provides resources for PearPC, the PowerPC emulator for Windows and Linux, currently able to run Mac OSX!

Herein lies the nightly builds of PearPC I'm generating for Windows (Linux maybe soon to follow). These are UNSUPPORTED, may steal your wife, wet on the floor, etc. Try at your own risk :-)

If a build is out of date, it's probably because ether CVS is broken, or my build scripts aren't working. If it gets more than 3 days old, send a mail to pearpc AT richardgoodwin d o t com.

Note that these are all JIT builds, not the generic CPU which I find too slow for regular use. Unless otherwise noted, they contain only the straight CVS code, so if a new patch (for new capabilities like screen management, etc) hasn't been accepted, it WON'T be in these builds.

Common complaints:

  • Why isn't X,Y, or Z patch included: I build off of CVS, so if a patch isn't in there it's not my fault :-) If it's not in the changelog, it's not going to be in the normal CVS builds.
  • There is a bug/problem with the build: Again, I build straight off CVS, so it's fairly unlikely that the bug is related to build my process. If the binary gets uploaded, that means the build succeeded and the bug is almost certainly in the actual code.
  • Why isn't there an [insert some obscure CPU here] build of [some version]?: The devs and many users have stated that the optimized versions are not that much faster, if any. Unless I see some real performance numbers I'm not going to expand the build configs and may even drop the P4/AthlonXP.

Windows CVS Builds

The source for these files, thus fulfilling presumably any GPL requirements, can be downloaded here.
Build Trunk (0.4pre) Date Downloads
ChangeLogs View12.19.0553543
Standard (non-CPU optimized) Download03.06.0643099
Standard + SDL (experimental) Download12.19.0543994
Altivec 0.3 branch (experimental) Download03.08.0638846
Pentium 4 Optimized Download03.06.0665136
Athlon XP Optimized Download03.06.0649038


5MB disk file (useful for getting small files in and out of PearPC) -- Download -- Downloads so far: 8878

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