PearPC Stuff

Welcome to my PearPC Resource site! This page provides resources for PearPC, the PowerPC emulator for Windows and Linux, currently able to run Mac OSX! To the left you'll find links for Nightly CVS builds and source snapshots.


9-9-2004: Source snapshots added

Added a page that will post the source snapshots from a few branches as well, for those roll-your-own folks that don't want to muss with CVS.

9-4-2004: Welcome back ;-)

So my scripts went a little nuts and things haven't updated for a few days. It seems like maybe excitement has died down, because noone mailed me about it. Well, things are fixed now and we should be back on track.

I'm thinking about adding an RSS feed to the builds page, so you can get notifications via RSS of new builds. I'm not sure what info to deliver, but I'm thinking maybe I can diff the Changelogs and output that so you can see what (if anything) is new. Thoughts?

I'm also probably going to drop in the little Google ads to pay for the hosting of the site. If you don't like this idea, drop me a line at pearpc AT richardgoodwin DOT com.

7-20-2004: Keep going?

Looks like some other people (Shawn, etc) have made their own builds site(s) that have many more build variants and archives, etc. Any reason I should keep updating my site? Comments to pearpc AT richardgoodwin DOT com.

7-2-2004: Rest in peace Stefan

As you have no doubt seen from the mail list, Sebastian has reported that Stefan Weyergraf was taken from the world in a train accident. My deepest condolences to everyone in Stefan's family and to his close friend Sebastian.


Removed the SDL builds page, as it's now in the main CVS. ALso script was broken for a few days, fixed now :-)


Site redesign! Hope you like it! Also, welcome to nilss' SDL builds (find in Downloads....)