Fitbit vs Sleep Cycle app (iPhone accelerometer based) for sleep tracking

Just thought some folks might find this interesting…

I used my Fitbit and also my Sleep Cycle app on my iPhone last night to compare results of the devices/apps. Sleep Cycle works very similarly to Fitbit, by using the (very sensitive) iPhone accelerometer to detect movement and correlate that to sleep phases. They recommend you place the phone under your sheet near your head, and let it run overnight.

So, I started the app counter, and the Fitbit, and stopped them in the morning, and you can see the results in this image:

(I couldn’t get the images to line up quite right even with scaling, but you can see that they essentially match up!) As you can see, they line up pretty closely (and you can also see that my sleep pattern is terrible, that’s a whole different story. I have a geriatric night owl dog, and in general don’t sleep well at all, and hoping getting my weight back down is going to help…).

Anyway, point being, if you want to double check the Fitbit, or apply the data in other apps, or whatever the case may be, there’s a reference for you 🙂

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