Sorting your mail in Outlook

(or, how I learned to love my Inbox)

Some time ago, I stumbled on to a way of sorting my mail in Outlook that actually makes me [more?] productive and able to deal with the constant torrent that is unleashed up on me daily.

It’s very simple, but works amazingly well, and I am inspired by this post at 43folders to post it here for further review/comments:

  1. Go to View…Arrange By…and Custom.
  2. Choose “Group by” and set it to Conversation (Ascending). Hit OK.
  3. Then choose “Sort”, and set it to Received (Descending). Hit OK.

Now all conversations will be grouped together, and any new mail that comes into a conversation will make the conversation jump to the top of the Inbox. This works great for those times when there are 30 mails on a subject, and you can confidently delete all but the most current with a single action, knowing that you will have the most up to date information.

Let me know if this helps/hurts your daily routine, or if you have other tips on taming your Inbox!

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