Organizing WordPress/blogging meetup in Austin during SXSW

Since there haven’t been many (any?) WordPress meetups that I’m aware of in Austin recently, I’m taking it upon myself to set one up!

I figure we could have some excellent participation and attendees during SXSW, so I’m setting it up initially for Saturday March 11th at 6pm-ish to whenever. Details can be found here and you can sign up to track the event and so forth. I think this is a great opportunity so hopefully I’ll hear from quite a few of you! (Also, if you are aware of a good venue during this time, I’d like to know as well, otherwise I’m playing it by ear for a bit).

Update 3/2/2006:

Ok folks, I’ve worked with Will and I think we’re going to use the same venue or thereabouts as BarCamp because of the amenities and price breaks, but it’s going to be a separate part of the restaurant (or nearby location) with dinner tables etc.

Like Irina suggested @ upcoming, I want to have a “dinner” portion so we can have some quiet conversation, etc. before any other festivities 🙂

So for those that want to drift off and participate in BarCamp, great, otherwise we’ll hang in our area, or can head out to any of the other bars/restaurants in the area.

So, while not required, I’d appreciate a comment or email if you have any concerns with this arrangement, otherwise I plan to see you there. You can also ring me at 512-736-7897 with any questions/comments.

Here’s the menu link, looks good and affordable:

And check out some pics of the venue at

Update 3-7-2006

Just wanted to confirm to everyone that we’ll have our own [section of the] venue from 6pm to 8pm for dinner/meetup, then from 8-9 regular Barcamp will start to resume, followed by a band and continued festivities. So, try to get there at/before/around 6 if you want to order food!

Also if you have any fun items you want to demo/project during the dinner/meetup, please drop me a mail so we can slot any time if needed). Note this is NOT an agenda, just an opportunity for some live hacking/learning/boasting 🙂

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